Business Relations

An Independant EMS Training & Consulting Company

Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC (EMS, LLC) is an independant EMS training & consulting company based in Green Bay, WI.  It is not a "certified training center" by Wisconsin DHS-EMS standards, therefore, it cannot offer "primary," traditional," or "refresher" training.  Because of its independant status, it can offer "flexible" training that can be utilized to meet re-licensure requirements that can be in lieu (or replace those) of "refresher" training.  Combined with Medical Director approval, EMS, LLC can offer nearly all (or all) of an agency's necessary training to re-license its service's EMS providers according to state "flexible" training standards.  Such training can also meet NREMT standards for recertification under its "flexible" training guidelines.

As a consulting & solutions company, EMS, LLC has a unique "pro-EMS" perspectice toward its consulting advice and recommendations.  Please refer to our
CONSULTING category above for further information.

Vendor Relations

As an independant company, EMS, LLC can be selective in its equipment used for training, cooperative in its advertising and product promotions, and competitive in a market of other public and private comparable entities.  As a vendor, we encourage you to contact us to discuss options related to product use, sharing, advertising, and promotion.  Aside from direct advertisement through training use and demonstration, we also offer advertising options in our paid/subscription-based publication, EMS DirectorTM.  Please contact Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, for further options.

Trademarks & Copyrights

EMS, LLC and Tim Nowak own rights to all publications, hand-outs, products, and electronic/web-based content related to the company and its courses/lectures.  Unauthorized distribution or reproduction is strictly prohibited without directly expressed or written consent.  Unauthorized use of its registered trademarks (with the State of Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Institutions) are also prohibited.  

Web Domains

EMS, LLC also owns the rights to the multiple web domains.  Please contact us if you have any questions related to their use, page direction, or sale by contacting Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, at:

Other Business Matters

Please refer all other business matters to Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, at: