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We've moved!

In January 2016 we've moved our operations from Green Bay, WI to La Crosse, WI.  This change will allow us to not only keep our Wisconsin roots & clients, but to also expand our training & consulting services to new markets in Minnesota, Iowa, and other parts of the Midwest.  If you're a current client, or a new/prospective client, feel free to contact us to see how this transition affects your service and our ability to better work with you and the members of your organization.

A New Temporary Employment Option from EMS, LLC
Nurses do it...so why not Paramedics?  A new option for various services in 2016 is to temporarily hire/contract Paramedics to work for their organization to help fill a short-term need within their staffing structure.  Options are open in terms of contract lenghts, working shifts, and locations.  Since this is a new concept and idea, we're open to discussing different concepts and options to help make this work for your organization.  Whether its needing an extra person to fill an unexpected vacancy, additional providers to cover military/family/injury leave, or just to help transition your service through the summer months, contracted providers may just be what your service needs to get by in the interim.  Feel free to contact us to see if this is the right fit for your service!

Contact Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO, to discuss this option further:


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We've had our company page on Facebook for a few years now, but haven't done much with it...until now!  2015 brings about our company's social media push and we want to keep you updated with our new company options, courses, EMS highlights, and other interest topics of the industry.  In addition, we're launching a second page designed specifically for EMS Directors of all titles, roles, and responsibilities in order to promote professional development, networking, and discussion amongst various EMS Directors.  So, if you're on Facebook, look us up and "Like" our pages!

Emergency Medical Solutions, LLC (EMS, LLC)

EMS Director Forum

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designed to save themself, their partner, and the public during hostile situations.

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Wisconsin EMS Association
January 2015 Conference

Thanks to all that stopped by our booth at the WEMSA "Working Together" Conference this past January!  Feel free to contact us related to the products that you saw, and anything else that we had to offer, at:

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Tim Nowak, Founder & CEO of EMS, LLC, has been published in three editions of the Wisconsin EMS Association's EMS Professionals magazine with four featured articles:

"Keeping it In-House" focusses on how developing an in-house training program can increase accountability, allow for greater flexibility, and provide more cost-savings for your service to meet its refresher & recertification needs.

"What To Do With the 'New Guy' " looks at recruit training, evaluating, and mentoring in EMS, and outlines the necessity to develop a recruit training program for not only brand new members, but for "promoted" members as well.

"Professional Development: Advancing Current Staff" brings to light how integrating quality assurance, leadership in management, and professional advancement can build our EMS system into what we're so eagerly trying to achieve: being a recognized as a "professional."

"Lights & Siren: A Need for Change" outlines one of our least-talked-about topics in EMS, but certainly one of our most dangerous ones, too.  Listed in it are criteria to use when determining whether or not lights & siren response/transport is appropriate, and factors related to whether or not your call is an "emergency, or just something that is urgent."

Feel free to contact us to have these articles (or articles on any other topics) published in your association's magazine/publication by going to our COMPANY section above to find our contact information.  Also, become a subscriber to our new & upcoming publication, 
EMSDIRECTORTM, to receive a regular supply of our articles & commentaries before they hit any other media source!


We're introducing a new (additional) logo to our company line-up for 2013...a simple, clean, yet still bold, logo that can be seen on a few of our current promotional items and documents.  We're not sure if all of our logos will move toward this design, but it's one that we think will stick around!