EMSllc has been providing consulting SOLUTIONS since its formation in 2010. What began as a focus toward Changing the Paradigm of EMS Training, has expanded into a training-, quality assurance-, operations-, and administration-focused repertoire of consulting opportunities.

Operational Analysis
Is the “way you’ve always done it” plaguing your organization? Are you in search of new ways to operate, respond, or to staff your agency? Contact us for a second opinion, innovative perspective, or just for some added insight into what’s currently challenging your EMS agency and how it operates.

Clinical & Administrative Evaluation
EMSllc has experience in contracted writing pieces for over 25 different promotional exams, has developed content quizzes & protocol exams consisting of over 1000 total questions, and has experience taking part in hiring processes involving both practical skills & question/scenario-based evaluations.

Quality Assurance & Review
What is a good report? How do you track your data (what data do you track)? Are you looking to build a quality assurance or performance improvement program? Let’s talk about PCR grading rubrics, remediation plans, and purposeful data management for your EMS agency!

Subject Matter Expertise
Founder & CEO, Tim Nowak, has over 15 years of clinical experience functioning at various levels including EMT, paramedic, and critical care paramedic. This timeframe also includes experience as an educator & evaluator for EMR, EMT, AEMT, and paramedic levels. In addition, he holds multiple credentials related to clinical instructor status, supervisor/manager functions, and two degrees (AAS & BS) with fire service disciplines. He has been consulted by different publications, online media sources, and 3rd-party vendors as a subject matter expert (SME) for professional comment, content development, and item writing.

The EMSDIRECTOR magazine serves as a subscription-based consulting SOLUTION for industry leaders, administrators, and decision-makers from throughout the EMS profession. It’s a quarterly-printed magazine that works to promote Professional Development for EMS through content delivery, insight sharing, and perspective broadening. Follow the links above to become a subscriber!